Find the right Experts for all your Personal or Business needs

With Workers across all industries and positions, Kazi Bank provides access to qualified candidates who have the experience aligned with your specific needs. You can hire gig workers temporarily, or on contract, before bringing them on full-time.

Everyday life made easier

When life gets busy, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Get time back for what you love without breaking the bank. KaziBank’s on-demand staffing platform provides a fast, simple, and reliable way to hire service providers on the fly with little to no lead time. A go-to team at your fingertips. Get swift access to thousands of skilled workers, right at your fingertips. Build your team of local, experienced taskers to help with — and for — life. Whatever you need, they’ve got it covered.

How it Works

Save time and money by tapping into talented pool of experts seeking gig opportunities. Fill temporary shifts and tasks today. See how easy it is to get started… 


Find a Gig Worker you love. Filter through our talented pool of gig experts and bookmark ones that match your needs and preference. You can search by sector, location, gender, experience, education, and more.


Handpick your favourite candidates who align with your specific requirements. Communicate directly with them via messenger or phone to confirm their qualifications, rates, and availability.


Remuneration time! Pay your gig expert once he/she completes the task. You can also offer generous tips for the satisfactory deliverables. Evaluate and retain top talent for your next hiring needs. A win win!

No Big or Small Employer

In the world of Gig Economy, every employer matters. Any hiring capacity, SMALL or BIG, is appreciated. It doesn't matter if you are hiring as an individual or business. The bottom line is that at least you are sharing the opportunity, and helping someone earn.

Why Kazi Bank?


Save on interview, hiring, and training. With a few clicks, you can find a gig expert from the comfort of your space. Agree on terms of operation and make payment once you are fully satisfied with the services rendered.

Peace of Mind

Kazi Bank gig workers make everyday life easier. When life gets busy, you don’t have to tackle it yourself. Handpick your workers, set the pay rates, and get time back for what you love without breaking the bank.

Hire On-Demand

Employ whom you want, when you want. With an industry-leading show and fill rate, you're sure to get access top-notch talent and experienced professionals, available on-demand. Hourly, daily, or contract... the choice is yours.

Pick the Best Fit

Work with the Right Fit. Kazi Bank has a large pool of talented service providers. Search and bookmark talents who meet your needs then choose the best candidate to proceed with who will give you the best experience and value.

Diverse Talent

Find the right gig worker for any industry. Whether your task requires an experienced housekeeper, delivery driver, security, or builder, we've got them all in our database. Source the expertise you seek.


Hiring a gig worker or freelancer, getting work done, and paying for it is easy. Negotiate, agree on compensation, receive deliverables, and finalize the deal. We promise simplicity, ease, and no headaches.

Hire Local Gig Workers on the Go

Skilled micro taskers available for hire, offering their expertise on an hourly, daily, or contract basis, for all your micro tasks and gigs.  Hire and Deploy from Anywhere Anytime. Join similar businesses that have found success by working with gig workers!

Find the Right Gig Worker for any Industry

Whether your job requires an experienced hospitality worker, security professional, or customer service skills, Kazi Bank has the on-demand manpower with the expertise you seek. Browse our top skill categories below.

Browse Gig Workers by Region

From Homa Bay to Manda Bay, Mount Kenya to Mount Elgon, Kazi Bank has thousands of available Workers looking for their next Gig. Use our search functionality to identify skilled gig seekers in your area.


Tap into a nationwide pool of gig experts and see how easy it is to get tasks completed. Save time and money by connecting to thousands of qualified gig hunters to fill temporary shifts and scale your workforce quickly. Search and start sourcing for gig workers as soon as today.